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Conditions générales de vente
CNIL : 1243823V0
Licence n°2007/42/0000229


  Confort - Sécurité - Ponctualité 7j/7 - 24h/24*


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Who are we ? 
Strasbourg Navette is a young company offering a shuttle service between the European capital and local airports (within a radius of 300 km). 
Comfort, safety and punctuality are our watchwords. We cover the following liaisons: 
Strasbourg - Bâle/Mulhouse airport;
Strasbourg - Zurich airport;
Strasbourg - Karlsruhe Baden airport;
Strasbourg - Stuttgart airport;
Strasbourg - Frankfurt International airport;
Strasbourg - Frankfurt Hahn airport. 
Our prices are competitive, and we take the stress out of your journey!  Our drivers know the routes well and make allowance for road conditions to be taken into account, such as time of travel, weather, road works, etc. We make sure you arrive on time!  
You economise costs of fuel, road tolls and parking in the stressfree comfort of a spacious minibus, which gives you excellent value for money. 

Please contact us on ….. for any further information..









Navette Mulhouse Strasbourg

Navette Francfort Strasbourg

Navette Strasbourg Frankfurt Hahn

Navette Strasbourg Baden-Baden Karlsruhe




 *Selon disponibilité